Leggings Are Not Pants: Phi legging-fit satin pants

Phi legging-fit satin pants

There’s a serious indecision epidemic sweeping the world of fashion just now. Last week we had the case of the combat trousers that thought they were harem pants. This week we’ve the leggings that believe they are actually trousers.

Yes, in a potential camel-toe nightmare, these trews actually claim themselves to be “legging fit” and therefore worthy of flashing both the general crotch area and that wonderful contrast fly. What you can’t see very clearly from this image are the mesh panels up either side of the “trouser” leg, which make the wearing of underwear a potential minefield and give VPL a whole new level of meaning.

Would you wear these “trousers”? If so, you can grab a pair for £740 £222 from The Outnet.

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  • July 25, 2010

    aishwarya gulati

    these leggings cum trousers seem to be potentially disastarous for the even slightly pear shaped, besides i think they leave you feeling a little naked,exposing every crease evry fold of skin. and for that price,well,,,no thanks.

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