Leggings Are Not Pants, hooves are not shoes

leggings are not pants

We’re not quite sure what’s worse here:

a) the fact that she’s wearing leggings as pants

b) the fact that by “leggings” we mean “tights”

c) the fact that by “tights” we mean “patchwork tights”

d) LACE patchwork tights

e) the fact that some poor Shire horse is currently wondering where his fetlocks are.

What we ARE sure about is that it all adds up to “crime of fashion” – and an expensive crime of fashion at that, because the leggings in question are $248 at Alex & Chloe. Yes.

Unfortunately, the shoes, which are really the most interested thing about this outfit don’t seem to be available for sale on the website. Perhaps they’re the model’s own? If we really needed proof that modelling is hard, this would be it…


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