Leggings are not cycle shorts, except when they are

leggings are not pants

Now that fashion brands have managed to convince so many of us that leggings are, in fact pants (If you need proof of this statement, we’d like to invite you to come for a stroll around the mall closest to the Fashion Police HQ any day of the week. It’s hard to find people wearing anything BUT leggings-as-pants there…), they need some other horrible fashion trend to damage our eyeballs with.

Enter the leggings-worn-as-cycle-shorts-and-legwarmers look. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

The text next to these leggings on the Modcloth website talks about athletes, and podiums and triathlons, and that kind of thing. We have absolutely no idea what any of that has to do with these leggings (unless, of course, the athletes in question are taking part in some kind of Flashdance marathon…), or why someone competing in a triathlon would a) turn to Modcloth when searching for their kid b) desperately want to look like they were wearing shorts and leg-warmers when they were, in fact, wearing leggings. But then, we don’t know why people still want to wear leggings as pants either, so what do we know?

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