Wanted! Leather cross-body satchels from Topshop


I know things have been a little Topshop-centric here today, but they’ve been doing such sterling work recently (tie-dye skirts aside) that it’s only right that they be recognised for it.

These gorgeous leather satchels are currently reigning supreme at the top of my "Things I Want" list (tell me everyone has one of those?). The black is the more practical of the two, so naturally it’s the pretty pale green that attracted my attention. It managed to go out of stock in the few hours that elapsed between me book-marking it this morning and writing about it this afternoon (dontchya just hate it when that happens?), so if you want one too, you may have to do what I’ll be doing, and refresh the Topshop website every hour, on the hour, in the hope of new stock arriving. Or, of course, you could just be sensible, and buy the black version, which is still available, and is £45.

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