Wanted! Chloe’s orange sixties-style leather coat


None of you dedicated fashionistas will need me to tell you that leather outerwear is, like, SO this season, but I reckon if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right. So you may as well ditch the black leather jacket for a bright orange leather coat. You may as well make it swingin’ sixties style, with a wide collar, a low slung belt and an oversized pocket. In fact, you may as well make it Chloe, and you may as well pay £3360 for it, while you’re at it, dontchya think?

Actually, I’m just joking. While I love the look of this retro-style Chloe leather coat, even I would hesitate to blow a few months worth of mortgage payments on it, so I guess I’ll just be waiting until the cheaper copies start making their way onto the high street. The short sleeves on this coat look a little impractical, but worn over black skinny jeans (or even leggings) and a turtleneck, just like Brown’s mannequin, it has perfect, Beatnik style.

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