Lauren Kovin’s black kimono sleeved dress: an accident waiting to happen


"And moments after this picture was taken, Karen tripped over her own sleeves, and that's how she came to spend the rest of that night in the ER…"

Or that's what would happen to us, anyway. We know we'd only have this Lauren Kovin dress on for a few minutes before we became intimately acquainted with the ground beneath our feet, having tripped over our sleeves. No, your Force is not a graceful one, unfortunately. But then again, sleeves shouldn't really be able to be tripped on, should they? It's just not part of their job description. So while we can appreciate this dress as a Halloween costume, say – you could go as Mary Kate Olsen! – we think the $468 it costs would be put to better use on something else.

What do you think, though?

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