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Lady Gaga with green hair and green ankle boots
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Lady Gaga in a white Chanel dress21/11/11 – Lady Gaga wears a white Chanel dress to launch Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys New York.

Lady Gaga in a pink hat and pink and green dress in London16/11/11 – Lady Gaga visits the ITV studios in London, wearing a pink hat and matching pink and green dress.

Lady Gaga in a blue suit and sunglasses15/11/11 – Lady Gaga wears a bright blue suit for a trip to Rellik vintage and second hand clothing shop in London

Lady Gaga in a yellow dress and gold Christian Louboutin shoes15/11/11: Lady Gaga greets fans outside her London hotel, wearing a yellow dress and gold Christian Louboutin shoes.

Lady Gaga with white dress and teacup13/11/11 – Lady Gaga wears a white dress and carries a teacup en route to the X-Factor studios in London.

Lady Gaga in a white and gold full-length dress10/11/11 РLady Gaga at the 2011 BAMBI awards at the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Lady Gaga wears a meat dress to the 2010 VMAs

Lady Gaga in an Alexander McQueen dress at the 2010 VMAs

Lady Gaga in black heelless shoes

Lady gaga with lobster hat and see-through dress

Lady Gaga wears a green trouser suit with matching shoes and hat

Lady Gaga in hair hat and outfit with green hair

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