I think it is a great initiative. I know people …

Comment on Do larger mannequins make you feel better about your figure? by Katja.

I think it is a great initiative. I know people usually argue that no two bodies are the same, and that is true – but the skinny mannequins represent only a small margin of the European population whereas I think a UK size 16 is much more representative of the whole population. In an ideal world the mannequins would be all different sizes, shapes and heights, but until that day I’m happy that young girls get at lest one more impression of female bodies than the size 0 (which in itself is not unattractive but a rather dangerous goal for most people).

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Well this is just brilliant! I hope this mini trend keeps going strong!

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It’s absolutely hideous but Julianne is still adorable in it. Maybe this is her way of proving she can still look gorgeous while wearing a… feathery… nude… thing…

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I love my over-the-knee socks, but I always wear them on top of tights (Scandinavia weather…) and never without because a) if you don’t need tights you don’t need high socks and vice versa b) without tights underneath it looks a bit to much like adult play time for my liking.

STYLE TRIAL | Elizabeth Olsen’s See-Through Dress from the Godzilla premiere
I don’t mind sheer skirts, but there should be something more substantial underneath because now I’m just focusing on wondering if I’m seeing her pants. If she wore shorts underneath maybe. But the dress is still stunning!

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I don’t think they’re offensively ugly, although the beige ones look a bit… off… and the open calf is strange. But in black they just look like cool boots for someone to wear on stage

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