Daylight Robbery: Lanvin technic crepe loose trousers


When even the model looks a little bit on the “hippy” side, you know you’ve got a problem with the trousers, don’t you?

Tell us, then, readers: how much would you pay for a pair of pants like these? We think even £10 would be too much, and yet Lanvin, in their infinite wisdom, have decided they’re worth an amazing £1000/$1450. Yes, folks, £1000 to look like you just got home from work, pulled on your oldest and least flattering pair of pants, and then flopped down on the sofa to pig out in front of the TV. In the early 90s.

Perhaps a better question in this case, then, would be: how much would someone have to pay you to wear them?

(p.s. Roisin Murphy? You don’t have to answer that one, honey…)


  • February 11, 2009


    You have a hard time picking the worst of for February with this lot…

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  • February 12, 2009


    Wow, how were these even popular back in the 90s?!

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  • February 12, 2009


    Are those pleated as well as hippy? Not flattering at all.

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