Daylight Robbery: Lanvin t-shirt with mini face print

Lanvin_tshirt Sometimes it’s worth spending money on good quality basics – you know, the t-shirts, trousers and sweaters that fit perfectly and you know will be worn until they quite literally fall apart. So The Fashion Police aren’t opposed to the idea of splashing some cash on a t-shirt, if it’s one that fits that category.

This one by Lanvin, though… isn’t one of those t-shirts. Sure, it’s white. It’s described on the Browns website as a "basic". And while the cartoon faces, speech bubbles and corsage don’t appeal to us personally, they do show that a certain amount of thought has gone into creating it.

But it costs £315. And honestly, we really can’t imagine the t-shirt that would be worth £315 (About $600 US) to us. Can you?

(Browns are also selling a Lanvin t-shirt, complete with necklace attachment, for £535 at the moment. The conviction that the necklace has to contain real pearls to justify that price tag is the only thing that stopped us writing about that one instead…)


  • July 16, 2008


    Even at £30.00, I still wouldn’t buy the t-shirt. I rather spend that money on buying expensive designer shoes or treat myself to mini luxury weekend break.

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  • July 16, 2008


    How much?!
    I have T shirts from Primark that look better quality.
    Anyone who buys this has more money than sense, and fugly taste in t shirts :oP

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  • July 16, 2008


    I am not getting the whole faces-on-t-shirts-and-dresses-thing that seems to be happening right now.

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  • July 18, 2008


    betcha the pearls on the Lanvin number aren’t real — just real tacky.

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