Wow! Such an amazing and unique video… I love it! …

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Wow! Such an amazing and unique video… I love it!

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Style on Trial: ‘Your Biggest Fan’ jacket by Sass & Bide
I love what it looks like from the front- the longer length sleeves, cropped style, exposed zip, and even the oversized shoulders look great together. And the back detail is excellant, because I don’t know about you, but I always find that some of my cutest tops have amazing backs, and who would want that to be hidden behind a boring jacket? Great over a girly dress! I’ll be buying this one…

Spotted! Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton in Jeremy Scott’s ‘bone’ mules
Shoes are cute, they add an element of fun to an otherwise quite boring (but nice, all the same) ensemble. HATING the gloves though especially with those ‘Oooh, look at me!’ logos on them :/

Angeline Tournier Beano cartoon wedges: what do you think?
I don’t like these. At first I thought, with a cork wedge, they’d be fine. But now? No. With or without the slightly alarmingly childish comic strip at the bottom.
But I’ve found some more examples of comic shoes:
I think 1 looks too much Amy Winehouse style for my liking. Maybe without the stilleto?
2 is better, but I’m still not convinced.
I like 3, but wish the background was black rather than brown.
I don’t like the pointy-ness of 4 and the ‘cartoon’ isn’t very cartoony either.

Style on Trial: LnA loose side tail white t-shirt
I really like it! I love how it looks paired with shorts, and it’s not THAT expensive. I’m loving the cut of the neckline. But when trying to think of another layer to put on over the top of it, I’m kinda stuck… The sleeves with just create a ‘bulky’ look, won’t it?
A sleeveless jacket will have to do, I’m afraid.

Wipe-Clean Clothes: DSquared2 denim and PVC jeans
I’m not sure… I don’t like them, espicially in that vintage wash denim! Maybe in dark (like, nearly black) they would be okk, but I’m generally not a fan of any ‘wet look’ clothing!

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