For God sakes get a life and stop worrying about …

Comment on La Perla’s mannequins have an unacceptable amount of ribs by Carol Campbell.

For God sakes get a life and stop worrying about what a mannequin looks like that holds clothes on for you to look at! Mannequins don’t cause weight issues, it’s a glorified hanger. Society causes weight issues. Skinny people, heavier people, no matter what shape you are, you are either happy with it or your not, if you’re not then do something about it with exception to those with a problem that may not be able to do anything about it. Live and let live, be beautiful with what you have. I am so sick of hearing what you should and shouldn’t wear or this one getting ridiculed because she wears a bikini and shouldn’t. If you are comfortable wear it, and anyone that bullies you for it should be ashamed, no one is perfect. That goes for age as well, do what you damn well please, fck the rest.
Well that’s my rant for the day!!! You are what you are, and only you can critique yourself, no one else matters when it comes to your body, we only have one for a short time.

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