JEREMY loves KSUBI’s hotline zip overalls. Fashion Police don’t.


Jeremy loves these Ksubi skinny overalls, apparently. From this, we can only deduce that "Jeremy’s" work frequently takes him back to Tudor England, where he acts as court jester to Henry VIII or something, because these do have an almost "comedy" look to them, don’t they? As in, you’d like at them and think, "Oh my good God, you must be joking!"

Of course, Tudor England would be mighty confused by the telephone print on these (for yes, those are old fashion phones printed all over these jeans) but then, we’re pretty confused by them too. Have you always dreamed of walking around with phones on your legs, belly and even on your butt? Well opportunity knocks! It costs £189 to look like this. Remember, though, kids, style is free!*

*Well, almost.

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