I don’t see the point of wearing those shoes! her …

Comment on Kristin Cavallari: How we suffer in the name of fashion… by Natasa.

i don’t see the point of wearing those shoes! her scrambled toes don’t look in the least attractive, so they mess up the whole concept. shoes are supposed to make your feet look elegant and pretty. this is like wearing a beutiful dress that doesn’t suit you at all – no point!

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Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Shoe Collection
These all look like rocking chairs to me. I can’t imagine they’d be very stable to walk in.

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Black leggings, beige Zara knit dress, nude ballet flats with black bows.

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I actually kinda love these!

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Stating the obvious, although I don’t know that was neccessary. Why be mean? Is it any of his business how much she weighs?

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Oh I love this! I’m not sure it would work that well on other people – it’s VERY her, but she looks beautiful.

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