Nuh Uh I see shoe on the cute pic with …

Comment on Kristin Cavallari and Erin O’Connor latest victims of “feet snatcher”. Fashion Police investigating. by Ma’at.

Nuh Uh I see shoe on the cute pic with the red top. it’s just that the shoe is black lol and the pants are still tooooo long but I fancy this look at times do I get fined?

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I actually like this look on Vicks, but I’m not feeling David, his suit is the fashion crime here… give him a citation.

Shoe Style on Trial: Christian Louboutin’s gold spiked heels
Two words: Fetish Gear….. that said I bet Beyonce buys a pair… I mean she did rock the Lego Shoes

Wear or Die: Animal Instincts
I’m with all the other ladies here. Most definitely going for the leggings… I could actually wear them with a cute black skirt, turtleneck and black boots and make it look fly.

Would you wear… Carrie’s oversized corsage from Sex and the City?
hmmm I mean she might wear it on her head, after all she did wear the green bird,umbrella hat thing.

Crochet Crimes: Crochet your own stripper dress!
Ugly bathing suit cover up?

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