Krispy Kreme make grass flip flops. Fashion Police perplexed.


When we first read about these, over at Shoewawa, we thought they may be a joke. Actually, we’re still hoping they’re a joke, because yes, that is real grass you’re looking at folks. And yes, they’re made by the same Krispy Kreme who make doughnuts. No, we don’t understand why either.

Currently being handed out free to London commuters, each shoe contains around 5,000 blades of real grass, which, if watered, will last for about four months. Presumably you’ll also need a pair of nail scissors to "mow the lawn" with, too…

We’re guessing the idea here is to give stressed-out Londoners the chance to feel the grass beneath their feet as they tread the dusty streets of the capital (all the way to the nearest Krispy Kreme, presumably), but the idea of having to water your shoes seems just a little bit odd to us.

Oh: and they’re ugly. Did we almost forget to mention that?

(Actually, we really want doughnuts now, so we guess the idea does work for Krispy Kreme. And hey, police officers gotta eat doughnuts, right?)

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