Handbag of the Week: Kooba’s ‘Tracey’ hobo


Sometimes handbags are at their best when they’re all pristine and new, but other times they look better when they’ve been worn in a little – a bit like your favourite, softest old pair of jeans. This one by Kooba is, of course, brand new, but it has that “will get better with age” look about it that really appeals to us. We’re also fans of the studs which you can see on the trim, here: it helps give the bag a bit of a rock-star vibe to it, which will look great with jeans and other casual looks.  As for the price, well, it ain’t cheap at $695, but if you like it, you can buy it at Nordstrom.

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  • September 26, 2008

    Rock Hyrax

    … and it’s even got a zip inside, so not the usual disappointment when you see a nice bag but find out it’s not secure. Mind you, why on earth am I thinking of practical considerations for a bag I could only afford in my dreams?

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