Knitted wedding dress – with matching cap!


Some brides go for satin, others for silk. And some just whip out the old knitting needles and rustle themselves up a wooly wedding dress – and throw in a baby’s bonnet to wear on their heads at the same time. We know which brides we’d rather be, is all we’re sayin’…

Aside from the fact that most women would generally prefer not to look like they were en route to their christening rather than their wedding, we’re loving the way the virginal, eyes-cast-down pose of the model here jars with the surprisingly see-through nature of the large-holed knitting. Because nothing says "wedding night fun" like a woolly dress and a baby’s bonnet, does it? On second thoughts, don’t answer that.

Sadly, if you’re hoping to wear this dress to your forthcoming nuptials, you’re going to have to travel back in time to the 1970s to find the pattern for it. And if you do, maybe you might want to consider just staying there?

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