Knees: this season’s biggest fashion statement

Remember this summer, when armpits were all the rage? Well, you can forget that. Put your armpits away, folks, they’re just, like, SOOOOO last season.

This season? This season it’s all about knees:

Skirts by Diana Orving , leggings/tights (i.e., they call them “leggings”, we call them “tights”) by Hannah Marshall, all from Opening Ceremony. You’ll notice that the second set of tights are also cunningly designed to expose the hips, which is awesome. Seriously, we’re SO tired of having to cover up that specific area of our hips all the time, aren’t you?

(Would it surprise you to know that the leggings retail for $540 each? If you’ve been reading this site for more than a couple of days, we’re going to guess “probably not”.)

So, what’s the verdict, jurors? Are you ready to start flashing the old knees? And which body part do you think will be next to be in fashion? Our money’s on elbows…

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