eBay Under Arrest: See-through stiletto knee boots


No, that’s not two plastic bags hanging on a tree, those are actually boots. See-through boots. Plastic boots. See-through, plastic, stiletto heeled boots. No, there’s just no way to say it that makes it seem even vaguely acceptable, is there?

Why would you want the legs of your boots to be see-through, we wonder? Well, in the current hot weather, we’re guessing they’d create a kind of greenhouse effect around the legs, making you sweat buckets, and perhaps lose inches. So they could be a kind of slimming aid, we suppose, but we’ve just made ourselves feel so ill from thinking about sweating legs encased in see-through plastic that we’re going to just abandon that thought and let you tell us what you make of this crime against fashion, and perhaps to hazard a guess as to why on earth they’ve already managed to attract eight bidders?

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