Fashion Police Gold Star for…Kirsten Dunst’s yellow Chloe dress at the ‘Melancholia’ Cannes photocall

If you’re a regular Fashion Police reader, you’re probably a little surprised to see Kirsten Dunst being awarded the coveted Gold Star. Trust us when we tell you that we are, too. Yes, it’s been a few long years in the fashion wilderness for Kiki, and at times we thought she might never claw her way back. It’s hard to recover from oufits like this one, for instance:

(Don’t worry, that’s one of our officers escorting her out of the building. She did five years for this crime.)

Recover she has, though, and the Kirsten Dunst who stands before us now, at a screening of Melancholia at the Cannes Film Festival is looking pretty darn good, no? We absolutely love the colour of this Chloe dress. It’s not the easiest colour to wear, sure, but if you can pull it off, it’s a colour that’s always guaranteed to stand out.  Would we have been tempted to add a belt, just to define the waist a little more? Well, maybe. But we add belts to everything, so we’re not best placed to comment on that one.

Kirsten wore this dress with Jimmy Choo sandals, and was accompanied by co-star Charlotte Gainsbourg, who was her usual understated self in black.

What do you think?

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