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Kim Kardashian launches a shoe website – ShoeDazzle


Before we go any further here, let us just clarify that yes, we are talking about that Kim Kardashian – she of “hey, lookit my rear end!” fame. She’s just launched ShoeDazzle, which is a … well, it’s like a club for people who find it difficult to choose shoes for themselves, as far as we can gather.

Now, clearly The Fashion Police don’t have that particular problem, but those who do can pay a $39/month membership, and for that, you’re sent one pair of shoes per month. The shoes are selected by ShoeDazzle’s team of stylists: when you join up you’re asked to complete a survey allowing them to work out what kind of styles you like. They then send give you a choice of five pairs of shoes every month, which they’ve “hand picked” for you – you choose the pair you like best and they’re on their way to you. If you don’t like any of the suggestions, meanwhile, you just let the company know and you’re not charged that month.

Where does Kim Kardashian come into it all? Well, she’s apparently the “founder and chief stylist”. So now you know.

Some of the shoes are shown above, but, of course, you’ll find more at the ShoeDazzle website. What do you think of this idea, though, folks? Is it something you’d use, do you think?

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