Kim looks hot but Brittny, hmmm! If you call her …

Comment on Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau as Wonder Woman and Zombie (?) at the Blackberry launch party by Desiree.

Kim looks hot but Brittny, hmmm! If you call her Zombie or Vampier, you are not wrong.

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I like the multi coloured shoe.

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That black dress should be thrown away pls. If I ve money to waste, I would ve bought everyone of that dress out of the face of the earth.

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“Funny” is the word for it.

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Please hurry up with the locking and do well to throw the key where nothing, I mean absolute nothing can find it.

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I think they are cool if dey are worn properly. I don’t buy the idea of fat people wearing it, especially with half tops.

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