Kim Kardashian gives up feet for Lent


Given how rare it is to see Kim Kardashian: a) wearing pants and b) looking at the camera with her face rather than her butt, we reckon there’s an explanation for these pants. You see, it’s clear to The Fashion Police that Kim here is an amateur in the fine art of wearing trousers, That’s why these ones are so long that they make her look vaguely like one of those scary clowns on stilts, and it would also go some way towards explaining why her fly appears to be open: she just hasn’t quite learned how to dress herself yet, poor soul.

It’s either that or she’s trying to build a new career for herself as The Woman With No Feet, but it would be so unlike Kim to do anything that would serve to take attention away from her derriere that we just can’t believe that’s the case.

We’re not even going to comment on the apparently-see-through-but-it-could-just-be-the-effect-of-the-camera-flash top…

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