Kilt-leg trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs

"That's right, they're half-kilt, half-pants. SO?"

The kilt trend has only just started, and already it’s getting totally out of hand. We knew we should’ve tried to put a stop to this last week, when we first addressed the issue of the kilt in fashion! We decided to let the designers run with it for a while, though, and, well, LESSON LEARNED. Because you give them some pleated fabric, and this is what they come up with, folks: a bizarre half-kilt, half-pant hybrid. For those times when you… no, you’re right, there IS no time when you’d need that, is there?

Oh, and boys? If you were feeling left out by Jean Paul Gaultier’s kilt-leg pants, don’t: Marc Jacobs has got you covered:

See! You too can be half-man, half… kilted man. Doesn’t that make you feel happy?

We really hope this isn’t going to become a thing now. You know, like harem pants were a thing? And see-through dresses were a thing? And if kilt pants are going to be A Thing, we really hope they’re not going to be a big thing.

Do you?

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