Kelly Brook for New Look bikinis: and a short rant

Kelly Brook for New Look bikini collection

Kelly Brook for New Look bikini collection

We love the Kelly Brook for New Look swimwear collection. Actually, we love MOST of the Kelly Brook for New Look stuff, including the makeup line (which our beauty blog, Hey, Dollface! reviewed a couple of months ago…). Most of our love is reserved from the swimwear, however (and also the lingerie, now we come to think of it. Probably because it’s all pretty similar to the swimwear in terms of shape and general cuteness…), which is cute, fun, and cut in retro-inspired shapes which are that bit easier to wear when you don’t have the confidence for all of those itty-bitty bikinis most other brands like to try to foist on us every summer.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with tiny bikinis, of course, if that’s your thing: they just happen to fill our hearts with dread…)

So we love Kelly Brook’s bikinis, is what we’re trying to say here. You know what we HATE, though? We hate the fact that they’re available to buy NOW. In January. When we’re currently between snowfalls, and have a long, long way to go until it’s anything like bikini weather… by which point all of these items will be long since sold out, and the stores will be full of winter woolies once more.

Kelly Brook for New Look bikinis

Now, before you say it: we know. Just because we’re not heading off on a winter sun break this month doesn’t mean no one else is, and just because New Look is a UK-based retailer doesn’t mean that all of their customers will be from the UK, where it’s currently winter. ┬áThe point we’re making, however, is a general one, and revolves around the fact that retail fashion is always at least one season ahead, so we get bikinis in January, snow boots in June, and by Christmas it’s back to the sundresses and sarongs again. It’s just the way it is, but we’d like to at least hope it’s NOT the way it’ll always be. Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be able to buy the clothes you need NOW, and wear them right away, rather than having to buy your bikinis in January and then pack them away for months? And who wants to even think about winter coats when it’s too hot for a sweater, let alone anything else?

Kelly Brook for New Look swimwear

Until that happens, we’re just going to cross our fingers and hope these don’t sell out before we finally get the opportunity to wear them…

Browse the Kelly Brook for New Look swimswear collection here.

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