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Kelis at the First Annual Data Awards: Fashion Criminal Extraordinaire

Kelis attending The First Annual Data AwardsThere. Are. No. Words.

Oh no, wait, there are: and the first one of them has to be WHY? What the hell happened here? Was this some kind of Avatar-themed fancy dress party? Because we could’ve sworn it was the First Annual Data Awards? Has Kelis just seen our recent pictures of Amber Rose and thought, “Hell, I can do WAY better than that! No one puts Kelis in the corner, bitch!”

Also: is everyone who wears those Alexander McQueen shoes going to try to compete with Gaga? Does Alexander McQueen know what he’s unleashed here? (Answer: probably.)

Readers, we’re confused, and we’re also a little frightened. And we think we can see camel toe. Thank God it’s Friday, eh? Let’s skip the eyeball bleach this time and proceed straight to hard liquor…

[Thanks to Yulia for the report!]
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