Sack the (Hair)Stylist: Keira Knightley on the cover of Vogue, September 08

Keira knightley on the front cover of vogueThis is really more of an issue for Dollface rather than the Fashion Police, because while Keira’s outfit on the cover of US Vogue’s September 08 issue isn’t exactly jaw-dropping, it’s not going to get her arrested either. No, the problem here is the hair. Oh, good lord, the hair! Now, clearly hair isn’t our department, but even so, we just can’t help but ask ourselves: what did Keira Knightley do to the Vogue stylist that resulted in this particular “style”? And how is it that such a beautiful girl seems to unfailingly manage to produce such bad covers?

Keira, we feel for you here, we really do. Because whatever you did to that stylist, we just don’t think you could possibly have deserved this

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