Sorry but the movie “Spaceballs” comes to mind when I …

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Sorry but the movie “Spaceballs” comes to mind when I see this look.

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Philip Lim makes it easier for women to dress as toddlers, and toddlers to dress as women
Actually until the Victorian era children’s fashion was merely scaled down adult versions. But that was then, today I roll my eyes are designer kids wear given the clothes will not last the season at the rate children grow. Also I could not bear the thought of matching with my child. Children are not accessories! or Mini-Me’s!

Stella McCartney’s floral print jumpsuit: words fail us
Finally designers have tapped into the long overlooked genre: hunting gear!

Sienna Miller’s Twenty8Twelve makes jeans that zip up the back
I understand the return of the zipper jean was inevitable, much like the apocalypse, but surely it is a sign of the times when before you needed the zipper to fit your feet into the pants to now when you need to unzipper in order to fit in the entire leg.

Sex and the City movie provides second sighting of weird, marshmallow wraps that are taking over the world…
Can these things double a floatation device?

Style on Trial: Tie Dye
I saw these skirts about 4 years ago when I visited Dallas, Texas and went to the Neiman Marcus flagship store. For “some reason” Juicy Couture, who made the skirt, didn’t sell them outside of the south.

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