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Katie Holmes and her latest jeans look: wide leg, scraping along the ground


Oh my God, look! Someone stole Katie’s left leg! Whoops, sorry, our mistake! We thought the legendary Foot Snatcher had struck again there, but no, it’s just Katie Holmes continuing to educate the world about all of the different styles of jeans there are out there.

This week Katie has gone for the wide-legged look, and, once again, she looks like she’s favouring jeans that are a couple of sizes too large for her. Why does she keep doing this, we wonder? We’d have to agree with those of you who’ve commented that they’re probably not Toms, because that would make the jeans too small, so whose are they?

Katie has matched the oversized jeans with her oversized Birkin bag. What do you think of this look on her? We actually think we preferred the pegged look….

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