Kathy Griffin: Maybe just a little bit overdressed for a shopping trip?


  We can kinda see where Kathy Griffin was coming from with this outfit. Sure, it's just a little OTT to go shopping in, but then, sometimes we've been tempted to throw on a prom dress for a shopping trip too. Well, it's a shame to leave them all hanging in the closet day after day, isn't it?

So, although this particular dress is… not to our taste… we're reluctant to step in and arrest her for it. And hey, maybe the world would be a better place if everyone just got totally overdressed from time time to time? (Although maybe not in pink and blue frills) In fact, given that so many offices have "Casual Fridays", maybe it's time to start having Totally Overdressed Mondays or something, in an attempt to balance things out?

Or then again, maybe we should just arrest her and have done with it?

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