Katherine Heigl works the wide-leg pants look


Well, it was a fairly close-run thing, but the majority of you said you liked the current trend for wide legged pants , so, just for you, here’s Katherine Heigl in a pair of wide leg jeans. While there’s a lot to like about this outfit – I love the shawl-necked knit and clinched-in waist, and I think she’s pulling off the "wide leg" look well – I still take issue with the length of the pants here. They’re so long she looks like she’s been chopped off at the ankle, and doesn’t have any feet, and while it may just be the angle of the photo, I think I’d prefer to see some shoes (preferably point-toed ones) poking out the bottom of those jeans.

Wide leg fans -what do you think? Do you wear your pants so they cover your shoes completely, and touch the floor, or do you prefer to show a little shoe?

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