Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Kate Winslet’s Oscar dress already copied by eDressMe


  Lordy, but doesn't the world of fashion move fast?

Kate Winslet is just fresh off the plane from LA, still clutching her Oscar, and already our Fraud Squad bring news of this copycat dress from eDressMe, which is the doppelganger of the Yves St Laurent gown  she wore on Sunday night. They're doing an Amy Adams inspired one, too!

If this wasn't $375, we'd be tempted to buy it and dress up as Kate Winslet this Halloween…


  • February 25, 2009

    Rock Hyrax

    I wouldn’t pay $37.50 for that poor copy!

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  • February 26, 2009


    The copy is atrocious! The dark colours are what make that dress!

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