Kate Spade’s ‘Book of the Month’ clutch bag: bringing new meaning to the term “book bag”

Well, it’s about time we bookworms were recognised by the fashion world, isn’t’ it?

Kate Spade’s Book of the Month Clutch isn’t actually a book: it just looks like one, with its laminated silk twill sides styled to look like an old-fashioned library book (you can choose from Great Expectations, The Great Gatsby and The Importance of Being Earnest). The ultimate in so-called “geek-chic”, all you’ll need is a pair of cat’s eye glasses for that perfect, book nerd look. Oh, and you’ll also need $325, which is more than even we’ve ever had to pay in library fines, and that’s saying something.

Like it? We do, but the collection hasn’t been without it’s share of controversy, with some commentators feeling the idea has been rather too blatantly inspired by Olympia Le-Tan’s¬†beautiful embroidered book clutches, some of which can be seen under the jump:

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