Kate Moss is the Best Dressed Woman of the Decade says Vogue

Meet the best dressed woman of the decade, readers – well, according to Vogue, anyway – Kate Moss!

The US edition of the magazine has just issued its first ever “Best Dressed” edition, listing the ten women it feels had the most influence during the past decade. Moss tops the list, with style director Alexandra Kotur commenting, “No one has had more influence for the past decade on the way women have dressed than Kate Moss.”

You’ll find the rest of the top ten under the jump, so take a look, and tell us what you think. Would you have named Kate Moss Best Dressed of the Decade? And, if not, who should have won instead?

The rest:

The bombshell: Blake Lively

Screen siren: Marion Cotillard

The independent: Michelle Obama

American beauty: Jessica Biel

Street Cool: Alexa Chung

Haute bohemian: Sarah Jessica Parker

Conscious chic: Liya Kebede

Free spirit: Carey Mulligan

New classicist: Shala Monroque

The visionary: Lady Gaga

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