I personally adore the purple £75 one. It’s LOVELY! …

Comment on Kate Moss for Topshop Christmas Collection 2008 – what do you think? by Analee.

I personally adore the purple £75 one. It’s LOVELY!

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Style on Trial: Luella’s ‘Bertha’ fringed dress
without the horrid tank top thingy and the fake bra-revealing, and without all the fringe, it might just be okay…..maybe. I’ve seen some of her shows, and holy wow, its like someone threw up anime all over the poor models.
psss, click on my name…

Lady Gaga to launch her own fashion line – but what do you think of her style?
Her music is good, but she seems to be having trouble with the concept that freakish music video clothes aren’t for the real world….

The 80s are making a fashion comeback: run!
neon isn’t so bad…the jeans, yuck…everything else 80s (exept the neon) is gross….

Eyeball Jewellery: not fashionable
that would itch!

Style on Trial: Jelly Shoes
oh yeah, but I only do jelly flip-flops and flats. No idiotic trainers or boots or whatever.

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