It’s not a great collection, neither were her previous ones …

Comment on Kate Moss for Topshop Christmas Collection 2008 – what do you think? by kdot6.

It’s not a great collection, neither were her previous ones though. But I don’t think it’s her fault.
As far as I know, she’s never really studied design, fashion or otherwise.(please correct me if I’m wrong) She has worn a lot of clothes, I will agree, but then does that make you a designer? If so, we can all have a go, with a few quick changes!
Anyone else think Topshop lost it a bit when it lost Jane Shepherdson?

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Topshop commit yet another Stuck-Together-Clothes Crime
I was shocked a few weeks ago, when I spotted a t-shirt in Next, with a matching cardigan over the top of it – sold together, but seperate items!

Maybe there’s a bit of a return to normality?

Maybe shops are realiseing we like to be able to have layers for a reason (the choice in number of layers) not just the look of them?

Return of the Scrunchie : the 80s officially live once more
I was raised on the theory, that you odn’t wear it the second time if you wore it the first. Therefore, I have no leggings, or acid wash, or neon, or scrunchies.
I’m 28. I’m a grown-up, and I do not go to Topshop anymore. I shall wear things that suit me, and not just because its in a magazine. That way lies mutton/lanb comparisons.
It’s taken me a few years to realise this, and now I must just try to spread this way of thinking around the world. God, there’s some bad fashion on people who should know better in London!

Bagg’ns: the solution to the saggy jeans problem
Aren’t they just denim harem pants?

Prada’s sheer disgrace pants: the most blatant case of Daylight Robbery yet
From Madelaines comment, maybe this is a route to take? A sheer version of trousers, so you can see the fit, before you buy them online,and discover, they’re totally different from the picture on your computer?
It’s really the only reason for sheer trousers I can think of!

Spotted! Megan Fox, Elsa Pataky and Cate Blanchett arriving at Armani
Is it just me, or does Megan Fox look just too thin? Her arms are ok, but her waist looks way out of proportion.
I think Lori is right, that the fit is doing her no favours (not that she isn’t beautiful – genetics make it hard for her to ever look worse than fantastic!)but it seems more than just the fit thats wrong in the photo…

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