Kate Moss for Topshop – High Summer ’08 collection launches today


Another pansy print dress, some hotpants and a smattering of sequins – it’s the latest Kate Moss for Topshop collection, and it launches today. But what do you think of it? Well, let’s take a look, shall we…

From the image above, we’re no fan of wrap dresses (No, they’re really not "universally flattering", no matter what anyone tells you…) but we do like the print on the latest incarnation of the pansy print dress. We love the navy dress in the centre of the picture, and as for the red sparkle dress on the end… well, it looked a little like a dressing gown to us, and then we looked at the back view and discovered it also has cut-outs on the shoulders. Ummm, yeah.


The 50s style sundress from the last collection gets a stripey face lift. Kate was spotted wearing this earlier this month, having apparently attacked it violently with a pair of scissors first. What did the dress do to deserve that, we wonder?


This collection is fairly heavy on the dresses. would any of them make Dress of the Day, though? Well, we think the first two could be contenders. The dress on the far right, though? Not so much.


Remember to wear a bra if you’re buying the one on the far right, kids…

Overall, not a bad collection, with some nice pieces, but with the exception of the 50s sun dress, which we’ve always loved, we don’t see much to get us reaching for The Fashion Police credit card. What about you? Will you be buying anything from this latest collection by Kate Moss?

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