Kate Moss for Topshop, S/S 08: your opinions?

Remember last year, when women queued outside Topshop for eight and more hours, just to be able to grab that hallowed pansy print dress, which still occasionally pops up on eBay, selling for around £130? Those were the days, weren’t they? A few months on, and the hysteria has been toned down somewhat, but Kate Moss is still hard at work on her designs, and today she launches her Spring/Summer 08 collection fro Topshop. But what do you think of it?


It was kind of inevitable that there would be stars, but we’re glad that the star print dress to the left of this picture has very subtle ones, so it won’t date nearly as quickly as some other star print dresses we could mention. The lemon fifties style dress is also available in aqua and white, and already looks to be low in stock on the website, and the spotted bandeau dress is… exactly the same one they released as part of the Kate Moss Christmas collection. It’d look good under the boyfriend blazer, though, so oh well…

Star print dress, £60; 50s style dress, £45; Spotty bandeau dress, £150; Boyfriend blazer, £70; Ibiza sandal, £25


The star print shirt: yes the stars are subtle enough, but at the end of the day, it’s still a shapeless, high necked shirt, and rather matronly – can you imagine Kate Moss in this? As for the embroidered pinstripe shorts and embroidered pinstriped jacket: we have no love for them, and not just because we can’t help but imagine them worn as an outfit, and that’s not something we like to contemplate…

And, finally…


Maxi dresses. How rarely we’d get the chance to wear them. But oh, how we’d like to!

View the full collection here : what do you think of it? 

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  • March 18, 2008


    The yellow dress is a weird fabric – feels quite stiff. There was a lovely stripy one with little buttons down the front that looked very summery and a pretty green and gold dress (very like the style of the silk one that Keira wore in Atonement) that was nice for fifty pounds. However, it’s not an amazing collection. The star stuff looks rubbish in real life btw.

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