I have to say Bosworth looks better — the sleek …

Comment on Star Style Wars: Kate Moss V. Kate Bosworth in furry Fendi by Laura V.

I have to say Bosworth looks better — the sleek hair doesn’t compete with the coat.

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The Butt Bra by Bikini – makes your butt look better, apparently
Honestly, why not get a pair of Spanx or some other butt-lifting undergarment? Much more comfortable.

Wear or Die: Irregular Choice shoes
I’d wear either of them, but then I am known to be touched in the head.
The skeleton ones probably with dark jeans or my navy pinstriped trousers; the patchwork ones with the snazzy BCBG dress I bought to wear on Christmas — the colors would go perfectly!

Star Style Wars: Angelina Jolie V. Liv Tyler
I think Liv does it better! On Angie, it exposes a bit too much bony chest (please, Angie, gain like 10 lbs, I’m begging you).

Dress of the Day: Grey lace trim dress by Metropolis
Granted, I just got a new dress, but still…

Armani adverts “promote sexual tourism”. Apparently.
I’ve seen the argument made that the only people who read “sexy” into pictures like that are people who actually *find* the kids sexy…and those people, to some extent, ALWAYS see kids as sexualized.
It puts me in mind of the far-right-wing-Christianist who said, a few years ago, that one needed to fight against homosexuality because homosexual sex was so much more enticing than heterosexual sex.
…yeah. Only if you happen to be homosexual, though! I sort of feel like the same thing is going on — this is only sexy to you if you…well, find kids sexy. Whether or not you care to admit it to yourself.

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