Kate Moss pulls this off perfectly. She’s probably the only …

Comment on Star Style Wars: Kate Moss V. Kate Bosworth in furry Fendi by Laura Hannah.

Kate Moss pulls this off perfectly. She’s probably the only woman in the world that could. I really can’t think of any other. Bosworth just looks like Chewbaccas cousin.

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Under Fashion Police Arrest: Henrik Vibskov Denim Annie Hall Jumpsuit
:s THAT IS TERRIBLE! Although I have been seeing some really nice playsuits recently I’m becoming tempted! (worrying really!) Do you think all playsuits are a crime, Fashion Police?

Style on Trial: Luella’s ‘Bertha’ fringed dress
I actually love this! I love the fact its a modern twist with a vintage style fabric. I mean don’t get me wrong where I live I can’t get away with this sort of ensemble! BUT I think if I was a) a celeb b)ultra thin and trendy and c)lived in a city with a great sense of diverse style such as London… I’d be tempted to go for it!

2009 BAFTAs: Penelope Cruz, Emma Watson, Sharon Stone, Amy Adams,
I can’t believe that Penelope Cruz’s fringe is fake. It’s just fake hair clipped in! Amazing

Dress of the Day: Black bell-sleeved dress from Whistles
My friend has this dress and it has shrunk! Alot! The lining now falls a good 5 inches below the hem of the dress. It’s disgraceful! She’s not the only one either as she works at Whistle’s and this is her ‘uniform’ she’s not the only one who’s returned it apparently! :s

The Harem Jumpsuit: it’s here
Jumpsuits= fugly
doesn’t the model look a bit like Pepper from Neighbours tho…

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