Fashion Police Roundup: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and Reiss’s ‘Shola’ dress

Now, we don’t normally feature Queen Elizabeth II here at The Fashion Police, but we just had to take issue with today’s Daily Mail, which criticises Michelle Obama for wearing a dress which they claim was too similar to the monarch’s at their meeting this week. This is news to us, because, of course, Michelle Obama’s dress is not even remotely similar to the Queen’s:

See? Not even a little bit similar.

“It’s never a good idea to dress like an 85-year-old,” says The Mail. Two things about that:

1. It is if you’re an 85-year-old.

2. Michelle Obama isn’t dressed like one. Or like the Queen, for that matter. Sheesh!

(Her oufit is by Barbara Tfank, by the way. We don’t know who the Queen’s is by.)

The Mail, is, however, pleased with Kate Middleton, who has returned from her honeymoon and who is continuing with her custom of wearing high street fashion. To meet the Obamas, Kate wore Reiss’ beige ‘Shola’ dress, which is “only” £175:

The Reiss website crashed this afternoon under the weight of the traffic it received from people scrambling to buy this dress – or so it’s claimed, anyway. The dress was still in stock in sizes 8 and 10 at the time of writing, so either they had a huge amount of stock, or the Kate Effect isn’t quite as strong as the media would like us to think.

We think Kate looks as elegant as ever here, but what do you think? Want to buy the dress? You can click here to get it if so – but only if you wear size 8 or 10…

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