I’m sorry but I think that is a hideous look. …

Comment on Kate Bosworth in a baggy Topshop playsuit by Emily.

I’m sorry but I think that is a hideous look. The colour, tapered bottoms, all of it. Uggggg.

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Aretha Franklin’s hat steals show at Barack Obama’s inauguration
I seriously heart that hat – I want one. She looked so pulled together in her grays. Smokey gray eyeshadow, coat, goves, hat – she is the Godmother of Soul (and hats!)

Michelle Obama wears Isabel Toledo dress and coat for inauguration
I agree with Kelly she looks great and its an interesting and flattering colour but.. my real question is where can I get Aretha’s hat – please please please please tell me fashion police!

Kate Winslet on the cover of Vanity Fair December 08 – what do you think?
I think she looks amazing but it does look heavily photoshopped and part of her chin looks to be missing.
Still – she looks incredible!

Katie Holmes in stirrup tights and leggings
I think it looks great til you see her feet. Its like she lost her boots that look great with this outfit and grabbed the first thing she could see instead!

Star Style Wars: Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton in silver at the National TV Awards
I think they both win because they both look like dressed up versions of themselves! Fearne is very “rock chick” anyway so it would be weird to see her in Holly’s dress (even though she could pull it off) and I hate to see people lose their personality on the red carpet!

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