Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter: What do you think?

Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter

Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for Net-a-Porter went on sale today, and as you can see, the models shown above managed to throw some particularly LOL-worthy shapes in honour of the occasion, bless their hearts.

What about the clothes, though? Well, the collection is described as having “a fashion-forward edge”, and that right there is more than enough to have set the fashionistas of the world almost wild with excitement, and to almost prompt The Fashion Police to declare a state of emergency. (We haven’t yet, though: we’ll let you decide whether or not it’s warranted.)

The KARL line (it’s an ALL CAPS brand, by the way, our keyboard didn’t get stuck there) contains everything from shoes to dresses to little KARL-esque collars, and the prices run from $25 (for a canvas bag) to over $1000 for a leather jacket. The cheapest items, however, are already sold out, despite only having been on sale for a few hours, so if you were thinking that people wouldn’t want to buy a canvas tote with KARL Lagerfeld’s face on it, you were wrong, and how dare you underestimate Uncle KARL?

Anyway, we’ll stop talking now, and let you start. What do you think of the collection? Will you buy any of it?

(Click here to see the collection in its entirety.)

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