Just when we thought leggings-as-pants couldn’t get any worse…

sheer leggings

Murmur stretch leggings, £117

And they’re £117, too. That seems reasonable for a pair of glorified tights, no? No?

In fairness, there’s really nothing to suggest that these leggings will ever be worn as pants. Well, nothing other than the small fact that leggings ALWAYS seem to end up being worn as pants these days, don’t they? And also the fact that if you were shopping from this brand, you might find yourself tempted to wear them with this:


Murmur t-shirt, £91

Awesome: a t-shirt that’ll make everyone briefly think that someone’s reaching up to play with your… peaches. Or whatever that’s supposed to be in the disembodied hand.

Want to take a closer look? Here you go:

jersey skirt

Murmur jersey skirt, £104

Yup, it’s a “Look At My Crotch” skirt! And if you really want to see what those hands are supposed to be doing, well, just be thankful this is a photo you’re looking at, because in real life it’s generally not considered good manners to stare at someone’s crotch. Which brings us right back to the leggings-as-pants issue, and the question: would you wear them? Would you wear any of the items on this page? Or do you want us to arrest them and have them charged with committing crimes of fashion?

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