Jumpsuits Gone Wild

We’ve always viewed jumpsuits with suspicion. It’s definitely not true to say that all jumpsuits are crimes of fashion, obviously – some can actually be quite cute. It IS, however, fair to say that MOST jumpsuits have the POTENTIAL to be crimes of fashion: and we think this one is really pushing that potential to the limit:

pink ruffled jumpsuit

Of course, it would ¬†also be fair to note at this point that we’re coming from a position of bias here, as we’ve always viewed ruffles with the utmost suspicion, too. (No, we’re not fans of the current trend for gingham ruffles, thanks all the same…) Like jumpsuits, they’re not always crimes of fashion, but they do have that potential, and, in this case, they’ve taken it way, way too far. If this was a dress, it might be marginally more acceptable – only marginally, mind you – although it would still make us think of something the young Barbara Cartland might have worn. As a jumpsuit, however, we’re not on board with either the ruffled legs or the sheer top, and once again find ourselves feeling grateful that we’re not nearly trendy enough to feel the need to wear it.

Is it better or worse than this jumpsuit, though?

ruffled gingham jumpsuit

Ruffles and gingham: they’re absolutely everywhere right now – which makes us suspect we’re going to be the only ones who’d consider this particular specimen a crime of fashion. (Well, us and the model, it seems…) The thing is, this one could actually have worked, too, if it had just been able to make up its mind what kind of jumpsuit it wanted to be. Is it a black gingham jumpsuit, or a blue frilly one? Either one would have been passable (although, as always, we could definitely live without all the ruffles), but, of course, this jumpsuit had to be greedy and try to be both – which resulted in the strange mishmash of styles you see before you.

Will this be the last piece of ruffled gingham we’ll have to arrest this year? Well, probably not: but we can dream, can’t we?

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