A jumpsuit we don’t actually hate


Yes, yes, we know what we’ve said in the past about jumpsuits, playsuits and trousers-pretending-to-be-skirts, but the problem with Fashion Policing is that it’s not an exact science. There are exceptions to every single fashion "rule" we can think of, and this would appear to be one of them. It’s ASOS’s sweetheart neckline all-in-one  , and at first glance we actually thought it was a dress, which is perhaps why we like it. We’d like it even more, of course, if it actually was a dress, because unless you’re going somewhere very windy, and have concerns about flashing your knickers, we can’t really think of a good reason for a playsuit to mimic a dress. But at the end of the day, if we were buying a playsuit, this is the one we’d buy.

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