Juliette Lewis in pink leggings at LA Fashion Week


Juliette Lewis is in Culver City, California, attending some fashion shows this week. In honour of the occasion, Juliette has busted out the pink leggings and baggy blue shorts, which she’s accessoried with a chunky necklace and wooly beret. What Juliette knows, you see, is that if you want to get down with the Fash Pack, you gotta look a little bit "kooky". A little bit "quirky". A little bit like you got dressed in the dark this morning, but that’s OK, because it’s totally "ironic" and, like, a meaningful statement on personal identity.

We hope that’s why she’s dressed like this, anyway. Anyone got any better ideas?


  • March 13, 2008


    Oh my! These tights are a HOT MESS!!!! Some trends REALLY shouldn’t be re-lived.

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  • June 24, 2009


    But it’s Juliette Lewis, and we all know she’s kooky. While it’s a tacky outfit, I think it suits her and it’s what we expect her to wear.

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