Fashion Police at the BAFTAs: Julie Christie


Now, we appreciate that it’s not easy for the more mature woman to dress for the red carpet. You’re constantly having to dodge the "mutton dressed as lamb" comments, and everyone keeps telling you how fabulous Helen Mirren looks all the time. So no, it’s not easy.

When we look at this picture of Julie Christie, though, we’re thinking it shouldn’t be quite this hard, should it? From the waist up, she looks like a newsreader. From the waist down, on the other hand… well, actually, we have no idea what she looks like. Who wears slightly tapered ankle-print pants that are just slightly too short on the red carpet, anyway? WHO?

On the positive side, she’s rocking those YSL Tribute platforms, and we like that. But while it’s always good to stick two fingers up at the traditional "long gown/sparkly sandals" combo for these types of affairs, we don’t think these pants would necessarily be a good look anywhere, do you?

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