Crimes of Fashion

Crimes of Ebay Fashion: “Juicy Couture” denim mini skirt


This denim mini skirt is by Juicy Couture, apparently. The writing on the butt, however, is not. We’ll just give you a moment to pick yourself up off the floor after that little revelation…

Back with us? Well, OK then. We present this item to you as evidence in our continuing crusade against the Crime of Fashion that is customising items of clothing by plastering some "designer" name all over them in a bid to "fool" passers by into thinking that you are, indeed, clad in that Chav-tastic brand, whatever it may be. Clearly it’s a mission that’s doomed to fail for as long as the fakers remain this bad at replicating designer logos or workmanship, but still, it pays to remain vigilant…

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